As many of you are staying informed on the current county conditions via news stations, radio and updates you have been receiving direct from Gunnison County, you all know by now that Gunnison County was hit hard and hit early by Covid 19. Gunnison County is ranked third highest in the nation per capita for confirmed cases of the virus. Hundreds in our small community have been sick and further impacted by this. It’s time like these that make you grateful for the little things. Fortunately, the community of Crested Butte has pulled together to take care of one another knowing that good times still lie ahead. Although difficult to see the heartache of so many, it’s truly inspiring to see the generosity and outreach offered by fellow neighbors, business owners, landlords and friends that have been lending helping hands to those in need to show extended support and compassion during these difficult times. It appears that we have now surpassed the peak of outbreaks, and seem to be on the “flattening of the curve” with only a few new cases reported this week per Gunnison County.

It’s an interesting time to be a resident of Gunnison County, but a time that makes me proud to be a resident of Gunnison County. One thing that Covid 19 is not going to take from our home is the continual strength, love and support of our “community” which includes each of you. We are looking forward and excited by the thought of having all homeowners back to their homes as soon as it is possible. I would also like to thank so many of your for the support you have shown to the community from a distance. It does not go unnoticed.

Possibly to your surprise, the real estate market is steadily moving along during Covid 19 despite economic static in other parts of the nation. While real estate is not considered an “essential business” in the State of Colorado, and we are currently faced with rigid guidelines as real estate professionals, we are managing to carry on and satisfy the needs of those we serve. Each day, we see new inventory hitting the market, properties going into escrow and homes successfully close. Our first quarter trends were on par with those of 2019, and we have seen substantial sales and activity in the luxury market. High end homes are selling very well right now. With so much free time on the hands of consumers, many are browsing homes online more now than ever. We anticipate the summer season to be robust and busy with excitement from those quarantined at home. There are currently 20 pending homes with an average list price of $920,000 and a total sales volume of $18,405,900. 7 of these properties are above $1M and 2 of these properties above $2M. In the past two days, we have seen two homes close for $1,3M and $1,118M (CB South home). 52 properties have closed since 1 Jan 2020 with a low sale at $105,000 (Grand Lodge efficiency), high sale at $5M (Moon Ridge, 124 acre parcel), median sale at $577,700, and total sales volume at $41,873M. Our March through end of ski season which typically is swarming with skiers, spring breakers, and homeowners, was sadly cut short. Sales still managed to not only reach those from 2019 but surpass by 30% and with fewer units sold. We experienced sales volume of $22,863M while 2019’s March Madness had more units sold and fetched only $16M in volume.

I hope you enjoyed my community and market update. Please continue to stay safe so we can see you again very soon! Wishing you health, happiness and comfort during these times. I look forward to the summer season and embracing the “new normal.” Please contact me anytime. It would be my pleasure to discuss the market and conditions with you further.


In lieu of these times, I propose a small and uplifting challenge to each of you. Please share a beautiful photo from wherever you are in the world with a friend, colleague, neighbor, acquaintance, [your realtor (: ], or family member. It’s a small exercise to remind us that we all remain connected despite the circumstances. I’ll begin. My photo attached below taken 4/11. #SpreadJoy #SpreadGratitude

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