Meet Erin Stock, owner and operator of West Elk Property Management, the best of the best regarding short-term property management. I recently chatted with Erin about living in the valley, her favorite eats in town, and how she and her team keep sane during the busy summer months. Check it out!

What drives your business and success?

The West Elk culture is rooted in hard work; we listen to the “Miracle” pregame speech by Kurt Russell (Go Avs!) before every weekend in the busy season. Just kidding, but truly we will outwork any/all of our competitors when it comes to providing a high quality experience for our guests and investment success for our clients – simple as that!

What are a few things clients may not know about you and your business?

I built the West Elk business model after purchasing and running my own short-term rental in Mount Crested Butte in 2018. I thought: “If I were to hire a property manager, how would I want them to run the show?” – and I built that business.

Why do people love to work with you?

I am, and have always been, a no holds barred type of business owner. I will tell it like it is without frill, and I think that resonates with people – especially when they have just made such an important investment. I understand the trust my clients bestow upon me and I do not take that lightly. I will work as hard as I would if I owned the property myself.

Tell us why you love CB and living/ working in the Valley?

Where to begin? This is human (and dog) paradise! This morning I was able to go for a trail run with my two pups before throwing on some shorts and a t-shirt and getting in a full day of progress for my clients – what more could I ask for? The community is strong, opinionated, and passionate – just like me. I’m so grateful to have found a way to stay here and give back!

Top 3-5 recommendations to those visiting CB?

(outdoors, dining, special events, local secrets, etc.) – 1. Get out on the trails early – to be alone on one of our gorgeous trails as the sun is coming up is pure magic! 2. Ryce. Go eat at Ryce Asian Bistro. Yesterday. You’re welcome. 3. One of my favorite things to do in the Summer is to buy an all-day lift ticket at the resort, pack a lunch, make a great playlist, and just lap the Silver Queen – don’t even get off of the lift. Just bask in the views and peace of that ride. 4. Read the newspaper upon your arrival so you can be knowledgeable about the struggles of the locals; knowledge is power and we all have to address the issues in our community together – locals and non-locals!

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